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St Mary's CofE Primary School

Year 6

Welcome to Year 6!


The staff in Year 6 are Mr Cusick and Mrs Belfield.


The Spring term is upon us and we are now well into the year. All of our class have made progress and have developed a great deal of confidence in themselves and their abilities.


Useful Information

It is now around 4 months until the children will sit their SATs tests in May (11th - 14th). The structure of the week will remain broadly similar to what the children have experienced so far in Year 6 although there will be a slightly increased focus on English and Maths activities as the term progresses. 


Our indoor and outdoor P.E. sessions for the first half term are Monday afternoons and will be taught between both Mr Cusick and Mr Quinn. Therefore, your child will need both pumps and trainers with them each week along with BOTH their kits. Even though the weather might be chilly, we WILL still try to get outside whenever possible.


In science, we are studying 'Adaptation and Change' where the children will look at the different ways animals have adapted to their habitats and how these changes have come about. We will look at evolution and why this has allowed species to thrive.


Homework: Mixed spellings will be given out each week to allow the children to practice the whole range of rules and sounds studied over KS2. They will be tested on each weeks spellings on a FRIDAY.

Each child will also receive homework in English and Maths that will need to be returned on the date printed on the piece of homework.

The Rockstars Need To Keep Practicing

Year 6 have done amazingly well with their Times Table Rock Star work and EVERY child has improved their initial rock speed (some by more than 3 seconds per question!) and this is having a really positive impact on all of the maths learning we have covered.


Keep up the good work!

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Wellbeing Week Cooking Day

Safe Squad 2019

We will be taking part in a series of safety sessions on Monday 23rd September. During these sessions we will discuss what the children already know about keeping safe in the community as well as online. They will take part in a variety of scenarios where experts will be on hand to suggest suitable approaches for a variety of situations.


This is usually an excellent learning experience for the children and I am sure that they will benefit from the opportunities to take part.

Looking Ahead

The children will receive their high school offers at the beginning of March. If your preference has not been selected, it is important to discuss the place that your child has been offered as a family and decide on what your next steps will be. The local Authority will provide you with more guidance on this when they inform you of your offer.


One of the other major events in Year six is SATs week which begins on Monday 11th May 2020. Your child will continue their journey of preparation over the coming months by practicing what they already know, learning new skills and improving the ones they already have. I would encourage you to support your child by making sure they attend school every day, complete homework on time and talk about how they are feeling during this build up period.


The children are already looking forward to our residential at Robinwood in mid June and I am certain that it will once again be a wonderful chance for enjoyment, personal growth and skill development for each and every member of our travelling party.