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St Mary's CofE Primary School

Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND)

Here at St Mary's, our Special Educational Needs and Disability Coordinator is Mrs A Leitch.

She is available Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons 1:30 - 3:30pm if you wish to discuss a SEND issue.  Please contact Mrs Leitch through the school office on 0161 370 3948.

To see how we identify and meet the needs of SEND children in our school, please read our policy and SEND information report.

SEND policy

SEND Code of Practice

SEND information report

Activities and resources to access during school closure

Below, are a number of activities and links to support your child within each of the four broad areas of need.  Many of them require printers but if you do not have one, you could copy them down onto paper or make your own similar ones.


Supporting your child with additional needs during this time

If your child is worried and struggling to sleep, search for child sleep meditations in your app store or on you tube.  These guided meditations can really help to focus their minds and help them to drift off.

You can also utilise games you may have at home such as 'Guess Who' that require your child to describe features or give explanations.

The Communication Trust have many links to different resources for parents and offer some free training.

Colourful Semantics also have a wealth of resources for free to support early language and sentence construction


Access for a two week free trial.  There are many yoga workout videos linked to the interests of children e.g. Star Wars, Alice in Wonderland and Minecraft.  We use these lots in school and the children really enjoy them.

To develop finger flexibility and fine motor skills you could search for 'dough disco' on you tube and join in with the videos.

If you want to work on your child's touch typing skills, you can access games on the following websites:

Dance mat -

Keyboard climber 2 -

Keyman  -

Useful links