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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3 with Miss Tiplady and Miss Smith!


Year 3 Key Information: 


Home-Learning Links

If your child is isolating please visit EduCity for tasks, use Times-tables Rockstars daily (or HitTheButton) and complete your weekly homework tasks. If you need any extra information please contact the school office. 


Homework is set on a Friday and contains a spelling and a numeracy task. A banded reading book is also sent home alongside their reading diary. The numeracy task will revisit topics we have covered throughout the term. Homework is due back on a Wednesday. Spelling tests are every Friday.



Until Spring 2, Year 3 has Cricket every Tuesday outside. An outdoor P.E. kit needs to be in school for this. We also currently have a football club every Wednesday afterschool and Kennedy's dance school every Thursday afterschool.




Year 3's Spring Spelling List and Homework

Our Amazing Scientists!

Santa Has Visited Year 3!

Maths 16th July
Spellings 16th July
Maths. 13.07.2020
prefix spellings using bi and re. 
Maths 09.07.2020
Maths 06.07.2020
Literacy - spellings

The Journey 

The final part


Maths 02.07.2020
The journey. The resolution! 


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Maths 29.06.2020

Mixed operations and adding and subtracting fractions consolidation. 

Maths 25.06.2020


Still image for this video
The journey continues with adverbs. 


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Maths 22.06.2020


More of those mixed operations today. 

Maths. 18.06.2020

The Journey. 

We are carrying on our story with the build up. Today we are going  to focus on prepositions and prepositional phrases. 


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Literacy. The journey begins!. Watch the video then write you own beginning. It only needs to be a couple of paragraphs. Include a simple, compound and complex sentence. Can you add any time adverbials as well? 


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Maths, 15.06.2020

Mixed operations


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Literacy 15.06.2020

The journey


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Maths. 11.06.2020

Perimeter again of some more shapes today. A challenge also to write your name in block letters and measure the perimeter of each letter. Then you can decorate it. Hope you enjoy. 

Apostrophes for possession. 11.06.2020


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Apostrophes For Contraction 
There is 1 video for you to watch first then 2 tasks. One task is a written task and the second one is a game you can play as a family either individually, in teams or all together. I hope you enjoy them. 

Apostrophes for contraction

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The task.

Write the contractions as 2 words . Where there are 2 words, write them as contractions. 

Apostrophe for contraction conversation game. 

Maths. 08.06.2020. 

Calculating Perimeter


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Look at the shapes below and calculate the perimeter of each one. 
Home learning for 21.05.2020


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Literacy. Instructions


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Home learning for 18th May 2020
Maths- division using the bus stop method. 


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Instructional text.


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Home learning for 14th May 2020
Maths the grid method


Still image for this video
Literacy.- inverted commas


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Can you put inverted commas on these. Choose 5 to write out and complete. 
Maths and Literacy 11th May 2020

Grid multiplication

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Year 3's class trip

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Year 3 Home Learning

Hello everyone. Hope you are all well. We are missing you lot. Miss Smith and I are sure you will have lots to tell us when when we get back to school. We look forward to hearing all about your adventures of the lockdown.  


When we finished school, we said that after Easter we would be uploading new work for you if we were not returning to school. Every Monday and Thursday, you will find a couple of videos here and on Twitter that will set you some work. It's all things we have been doing in class and we are going to reinforce our learning  so nothing to worry about. 

Hopefully we will see you soon. 


Ms James and Miss Smith

Numeracy 07.05.2020


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Expanded noun phrases 


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Numeracy  04.05.2020

Fractions - The Arrow Method 


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Literacy 04.05.2020


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Literacy and numeracy for 30th April 2020.


Today we are looking at past and present tense and at fractions. You all found fractions really easy when we did this so you should have no problems. Show us you work on twitter. 

Look at the Oak Academy lessons as well. There is a link below. Just click on Year3. You can do more fraction work there. 

We look forward to seeing your work on Twitter.  Stay safe and be kind to everyone. 

Have a look at the learning on here. They too are doing fractions. You can even start Spanish!
Fractions. 30.04.2020

Fraction of an amount

Still image for this video

Fraction worl

Past and present tense. 

 Watch the video and then have a go at the sentences. 


Still image for this video

Here is your new literacy and numeracy work for 27th April. Who can believe we are nearly into May already! We have loved seeing you work on Twitter Year 3 so keep it up. I have included some other activities you might like to do as well this week which are all art and I.T. based. 

Have a good week and stay safe. 


Ms James and Miss Smith. 

Subtraction. 27.04.2020. Remember we always borrow from the top line. 


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SPAG 27.04.2020


Still image for this video

Complex sentences and subordination conjunctions. 

Subordinate conjunctions

Still image for this video

Can you add a subordinate clause to these sentences?

Subtraction. 23.04.2020


Subtraction. 23.04.2020

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The class teacher in Year 3 is Ms James.

The teaching assistant is Miss Smith.


Useful information


Don't forget to follow us on twitter @Y3_Stmarys. 

P.E. Kit

PE lessons take place both inside and outside on a Wednesday  afternoon. Please ensure your child has their full PE kit in school for the whole term when it will be sent home. This includes... Indoor kit - a plain white t-shirt, plain blue or black shorts and pumps. Outdoor kit - a plain white t-shirt, plain blue or black leggings / jogging bottoms and trainers. Please make sure their name is in everything.



Spelling tests will take place on a Friday. At the start of each half term, children will bring home a copy of their spellings to practise with you. They will be practising these most mornings when they arrive in school.


Reading Books

Reading books and reading diary have now been given to every child. Please read this book with your child for 10 minutes each day. Listen to them and ask them questions about what they have read. Look at the vocabulary to ensure they have understood it all as well as being able to read it. Books will be changed only if signed by a parent/carer.


Library books

You child has chosen a library book. This is to share with you. They make their own choices about the books. They may need help to read these. Discuss their choice with them and whether they thought it was a good one or not.



Homework will be set on a Friday and must be completed and returned by the following Friday morning. If homework is not completed, children will attend homework detention on a Friday lunchtime. If children need assistance with their homework, they can attend homework club at lunchtime Monday - Thursday.


Snack Money.

 Now the children are in KS2, they are able to buy a snack at break time. This is either a round of toast, a bagel, a crumpet or a waffle. Toast is 10p and everything else is 20p. They can however bring their own healthy snack if they choose. They have also been given a water bottle for in class which they will bring home each day to wash and refill with water. No other drinks are allowed in class.


Week 3 of Fishkeeper Fry


This week has brought lots of excitement to Year 3 again. They were great walking to Notcutts and back. Not one moan was heard and they can really set a good pace. The excitement at Maidenhead had to be seen to be believed!! The first fish were picked up and these were Zebra Danios. Who knew these fish had long whiskers with taste buds at the end of them! The children have used all the facts they have discovered about these in their report writing. Matthew was our fish keeper of the week this week.  Well done Year 3. Keep up the great work!

Week 3 of Fishkeeper Fry

Week 2 of Fishkeeper Fry

It's been another exciting week in Year 3!  We now have our plants for the fish tank and have been testing the water. The children have learned about ammonia, nitrites and nitrates!   They have also put a submarine into the tank and continued their fact writing. They have worked hard and with eagerness. We're going to walk to the garden centre next week to collect our first 3 fish. No excitement at all then! Have a look at some of their work below. They are working so hard. 


Fishkeeper of the week this week is Harry. Well done Harry .

Fishkeeper Fry  and Year 3


 There has been an awful lot of excitement in Year 3 this week...The fish tank has arrived! The children have had great fun setting it up and have really embrace the work they have done with it. We have been doing word searches, comprehensions, learning how to write reports, finding out where the fish we are going to get, came from originally, collaging and drawing a fish tank and they have even done some maths! We can't wait to see what next week's lessons will be about! 

 Spring Term Topic

This term, we have changed our topic! We have been given the fantastic opportunity to take part in the National Fishkeeper Fry programme. You can find out more information by clicking on this link : 

The children will be learning how to look after tropical fish in an aquarium and will have one in the classroom to look after.  We will also be looking at fish in different parts of the world and comparing environments and fish between our own country and South America. We will be developing our geography, art and literacy skills through this programme. 

Viking Project Homework.

Year 3 appear to have really enjoyed their project homework. The classroom is now full of the most amazing models and projects.  The children did  really well with their presenting and tried hard to answer questions on what they had found out.  They said it was the best homework they had undertaken and they really enjoyed completing this with their families. Thank you so much for your help and input.  The children want to do another project next half term. 


Viking Project homework.


 Rocks and soils. 

 Over the last term, we have been investigating all about rocks and soils.  We discovered there are 3 main types of igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic. We looked at these and classified a variety of them. We also looked at how the Earth is made up and how soil is formed. We made some soil from food. It tasted yummy! 

Science: Forces. 


This term we will be looking at forces.  This will be on magnets and the forces of repelling and attraction. Encourage your child to explore and discover which materials are magnetic at home.  Can they come up with any theories from this? 

 A website to look at with your child for this would be,