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St Mary's CofE Primary School

Year 6

Maths Workshop 12/03/19

Welcome to Year 6!


The staff in Year 6 are Mr Cusick, Mrs Belfield, Mrs Rogers and Miss Hopwood.


The Autumn term was superb; we have learnt together, laughed together, and celebrated our successes. 


Useful Information

Our indoor and outdoor P.E. sessions for the first half term are Monday afternoons and will be taught between both Mr Cusick and Mr Quinn. Therefore, your child will need both pumps and trainers with them each week along with BOTH their kits. Even though the weather might be chilly, we WILL still try to get outside whenever possible.


In science, we are studying the Safety implications of Electricity both in and out of the home as well as how it is created and where it will be generated in the future.


Homework: Mixed spellings will be given out each week to allow the children to practice the whole range of rules and sounds studied over KS2. They will be tested on each weeks spellings on a TUESDAY.

Each child will also receive homework in English and Maths that will need to be returned on the date printed on the piece of homework.

Picture 1

SATS Preparation

As you will be aware, the children are now fully in the swing of learning and revision before their SATs week in May. We will be both completing a range of new learning and consolidating previous knowledge over the next few weeks. 


Your support will be vital over this period as your child will need both school and home to be calm and nurturing places to help them progress towards their potential.


We will be continuing the highly successful maths club on a Wednesday after school. In addition to this, we will also be operating an afternoon booster club for the children aiming for Greater Depth in their May assessments.

British Red Cross First Aid Training

Christmas Performances 2018


These were spectacular and everyone performed wonderfully. 'A Night To Remember' will live long in the memories of everyone who saw it!


In the run up to the shows, the whole of KS2 moved between the different classes and worked with each of the teachers from year 3 to year 6. One of our main projects was a set of Angel 'Selfie' Wings which the children all enjoyed having their pictures taken with...

Selfie Wings Are Awesome...

Selfie Wings Are Awesome... 1 King (Herod) Had A Bit Of A Temper...
Selfie Wings Are Awesome... 2 The Horde Of Year 6 Angels

Eyam Village Trip - 24th October 2018


We had a brilliant trip to the Plague Village of Eyam where the children were able to experience a little of what it was like for the inhabitants during the plague outbreak of 1665. We found our way out of the the main village to visit both the boundary stone - the outer threshold of the village where villagers were forbidden to pass - and the graves of the Hancock family who lived on Riley Farm.


We also entered the Eyam Parish Church, which contain the stained glass window that depicts the main events of the outbreak, and reflected for a period on the fates of those who has sat on the same pews hundreds of years earlier.

Eyam Parish Church

Eyam Parish Church 1
Eyam Parish Church 2