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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!


Thank you for visiting the Year 2 class page.

The class teacher is Mr Hoyle and the teaching assistant is Mrs Keeling.

Year 2 Autumn term

This first half term we will be learning the following topic areas which you can support at home:



-Place value of numbers to and above 100

-Introduction to the bar model/part-whole model

-Number bonds of 10 and 100

-Multiplication tests, including 3 times tables

- Addition and Subtraction of double digit numbers



  • Different sentence types
  • Postcards and writing letters
  • Introduction to exclamation marks
  • Traditional tales



-Characteristics of living things


-Food chains



-The UK

We will look at the countries that make up the United Kingdom and the national flags of each country. We will be studying modern London for our timeline before we look at the Great Fire of London next term.



-The books of the Bible

-Inspirational Christians



PE kits will be required next week and Year 2 do PE on a Wednesday.

Please ensure all items of kit are labelled with your child’s name.



Spellings will continue to be tested on a Thursday and children will be given spellings to support their phonetic development.

Year 2 common exception words are likely to appear on tests and assessments this year so I will send these home with the first list of spellings for revision.



Tests on multiplications take place at regular intervals throughout the year. We will focus on 2, 3, 5 and 10 times tables in a multiplication and division form.

We will also be practising the doubling and halving of numbers and number bonds of 10 and 100.


Library and reading records

Our class will now be the first Year 2 class to take non-fiction books home from our school library. We will change school library books on Friday afternoon.


Home reading books will be changed on Mondays so please return these for the start of the week. Books will not be changed until a comment is made in reading records.

We will be arranging a trip to Droylsden Library within the Autumn term.


KS1 celebration assembly

Years 1 and 2 will be hosting celebration assemblies for the children every Wednesday morning. This is a chance to get our classes together for a morning story, messages and to practise hymns and songs together.

Children can also bring in badges, trophies, medals and certificates each Wednesday to get a round of applause for their achievements from their friends and teachers.



ClassDojo is now active for our class and messages can be sent using this service. Please be reminded that the service is active between the hours of 8.00am and 5.00pm and messages are usually replied to within the school day.

I am available at the start and end of each day for short discussions. If you wish to have a longer discussion, I can happily make an appointment at a convenient time.


Best wishes,

Mr Hoyle