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Week 6

Types of sentences

There are 4 types of sentences:

1) Questions

2) Statements

3) Commands

4) Exclamations


So far, we have looked at bossy verb sentences which are commands.  This week we will look at how questions and statements are used. We will end the week finding exclamation marks in sentences.

When to Use a Question Mark | When to Use an Exclamation Point


How to write a question

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Have a go at writing your own questions for Mr Hoyle to answer. Try and use a variety of question words such as who, what, which, where, how and when. Don't forget to add your question mark at the end of the sentence.

Answering questions with statements

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Today we will look at how questions can be answered. Have a go at answering the "All about me" questions below and remember to answer all of the questions in full, using capital letters, full stop and borrowing information from the question.

All about me!


Can you answer these questions using statements?  


1) What is your name?


2) What colour is your hair?


3) Who is your best friend?


4) Where do you live?


5)  Who do you like to play with?


6) What do you like to eat?


7) What is your favourite colour?


8)  If you were a superhero, what super power would you have?


Writing statements

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Find out some facts using the animal pictures below. Can you write your facts as statements? Remember, a statement is not just the fact but the fact in a sentence i.e. "sharp teeth" is not a sentence but "Crocodiles have sharp teeth." is.


Page 10 and Page 11 of SPaG book

Questions and Exclamations

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Page 10 and 11



There are additional tasks on Education City linked to this session.

Picture prompt of the week!

What is happening in this picture?