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St Mary's CofE Primary School

Week 6 - WC 13/07/2020

Describing a setting

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Can you use a range of adjectives and conjunctions to describe a setting?


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This session is to revise different word types. Identifying different words types is very important and verbs usually is the word type that causes the most problems! In this task, can children first identify the verb from a list of words. The second task is to identify the verb in a sentence. I have given few pictures as an extension to write their own sentences about what action is taking place in the picture. Good luck!



Can you find the verb in these words?  Write them out on your whiteboard and the circle the word you think is the verb (action word).


1)   cat    pencil     blue      eating

2)  shorts     orange    listen     ring

3)  black   dolphin    jumped     poodle

4)  mummy   pyramid   climb   sandwich

5)   sunshine     cloudy    seatbelt     driving



Identify the verb in the sentence


1)  The  brown  monkey was swinging in the tree.

2)  Cats and dogs like to drink milk and water.

3)   If it rains, sit under the umbrella.

4)  Footballers  always kick the ball as far as they can.

5)  Drive carefully as it is snowing outside.

6)  Snakes slither up trees when they want to sleep.

7)  Mr Hoyle drinks his coffee every morning.

8)  Mrs Keeling sits at the back of the room in our lessons.




Can you write your own sentences using the pictures below?