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St Mary's CofE Primary School

Week 5 - WC 18/05/2020


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Prepositions are words that tell us where something is. For example, "The table is next to the lamp" uses the the words "next to" to tell you the position of the nouns.

Can you use the animal picture below and write descriptive sentences using a range of prepositions? When you are confident you might want to try and use verbs to explain actions. E.g. The red, spotty dragon is flying next to the black and white zebra.

Using the suffix er and est

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Can you use the right suffix in these sentences? Write them out on your board and say the sentence twice; once using -er and once using -est. Which one sounds correct? Try all of these sentences then have a go at the challenges on Education City.

Which suffix?  -er or -est?


Write these sentences on your whiteboard and complete the sentence using the correct suffix word.


1)  Luna was much smart_____ than Mr Hoyle.


2) Braeden is the tall____ in the class.


3) My bedroom is clean_____ than my brother's.


4) This pencil is long_____ than that one.


5)  Max is the fast______ boy I know.


6) It's dark_____ at night time than daytime.


7)  I think I am the strong______ person in Year 1.


8)  Melons are sweet______ than apples.


9) I'm old______ now I have had my birthday.


10)  Archie always has the great______ ideas.