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St Mary's CofE Primary School

Week 5

Types of sentences

There are 4 types of sentences:

1) Questions

2) Statements

3) Commands

4) Exclamations


This week, we will focus on commands.  Commands tell you what to do and they use verbs (doing words) and you often find them in instructions. Let's take a look!


Bossy Verbs

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Can you spot the bossy verb in the sentences below? Write each sentence on your whiteboard and put a circle around the bossy verb. Careful- some sentences have more than one bossy verb!

Find the bossy verb


Which word is the bossy verb?  Remember- a verb is an action and a bossy verb tells you to do something!


1)  Hop on the spot.

2) Skip down the road with your friend.

3) Run to the post box.

4) Stir your cup of tea.

5) Very carefully, slice the apple with a knife.

6) Slowly cross the road and look left and right.    (CLUE- There are 2 bossy verbs in this one!)

7) Walk to the library and pick a lovely book.

8) Next, jump up and down then sit on the floor.  Now cross your legs.


What is the bossy verb sentence?

Can you write a simple instruction for the pictures above?  Your sentence must include the correct bossy verb.  Here are some verbs to choose from:


slice      chop      whisk     stir     spread    squeeze     drink     grate


Paper plate fish instructions

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Year 1 help! I have made a paper plate fish but I have lost the instructions to show you how you can make one too! Can you write a bossy verb instruction for each of my pictures so you can make one at home? Good luck! (If you do not have a paper plate fish at home don't worry- not all fish as round like plates!)

Jumbled Instructions

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Jumbled Instructions


My instructions are all jumbled up!  Can you help me put them in the right order again so I can make a bowl of cereals.


How to make a bowl of cereals


1)  Pick up your spoon

2) Pour milk on top.

3) Open the box of cereals.

4) Eat your breakfast with the spoon.

5) Get a bowl.

6) Pour cereal into the bowl.




Can you make my sentences better with adjectives?  How could you describe the nouns (things) in the sentences?


Picture prompt of the week introduction

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Picture prompt of the week!

What is happening in this picture?