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Week 5


Shape sequences

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Halving a shape

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Fractions Year 1 - Finding Half of Shapes


Finding half of a number

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For this task, you will need upto 20 items. This can be anything from coins, cars, play doh, marbles etc. Anything you can move around easily. Remember that both circles need to have the same amount on when you have finished. Good luck!

Finding half of a number


When you find half of a number you share it by 2.  Using your objects and circles on your whiteboard, can you find the half of a number?  What is...


1) Half of 2?  


2)  Half of 6?


3)  Half of 10?


4)  Half of 8?


5)  Half of 14?


6)  Half of 20?


7)  Half of 12?


8) Half of 16?


Can you find half of 7?  Why not?


Patterns, ordering and halving tasks

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Patterns and ordering - page 19
Halving - page 37

Ordinal Numbers 1-10

Ordinal numbers

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Look at the picture below. The animals are all lining up and the lion is in 1st place. Can you answer the questions below about the positions of the other animals? Good luck!

The lion is in 1st place.  What animal is in...


1)  3rd place?

2) 6th place?

3) 9th place?

4) 2nd place?

5) 8th place?

6) 11th place?


7) What animal is next to 11th place?

8) What colour is the animal between 4th and 6th place?

9) If the monkey moved forward 3 places, which position would he be in now?

10) If the elephant moved down the line 5 places, which position would she be in now?

Extra ordinal number tasks