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St Mary's CofE Primary School

Week 4 - WC 11/05/2020


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Can you identify the verbs in the sentences below?

Which word is the verb?


Can you find the verb in these words?  Can you say a sentence using this verb?


1)     cat       run      happy

2)   sitting      panda      lonely

3)    tiger       he       long     pounce

4)   roll      hope     purple

5)   Jacob      drink     football

Which word is the verb?


Write the sentence on your whiteboard and circle the verb.  There are sentences with more than one verb. 


Can you use this verb in another sentence of your own?


1)   Max laughed at the joke.


2)  The chocolate was eaten by the children.


3)  The zebra ran in the field.


4)  First, you need to mix the ingredients in the bowl.


5)  The monkey was swinging high in the green trees.


6)  The sun was shining in the sky.


7)  Lying on the grass, the little boy snored.


8)  The lion chased after the hungry crocodile.


9)  The door slammed loudly because the wind blew it.


10)  Mr Hoyle misses Year 1 and will dance when we are together again.

Verbs 2

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Using the pictures below, can you write your own sentences using the correct verb? To make your sentences stronger, use a range of adjectives and conjunctions.