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St Mary's CofE Primary School

Week 3 - WC 22/06/2020

Sentence types - commands

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Commands are instructions and they contain verbs. Can you find the bossy verbs in the given sentences?

Commands - Finding bossy verbs.


Read the commands below and write it out on your whiteboard.  Can you find and circle the bossy verb?


1. Fold the paper in half on your table.


2. Very carefully, drive to the hotel.


3.  Next, you need to pour the milk into the bowl.


4.  You need to stand at the door.


5.  If you are hot you can pull your jumper off.


6. Stir the sticky beans in the pan.


7. If you want to, cut along the dotted line.


8.  Carefully add the icing to the cake.


9. You must shut the door after you.


10 Just for fun, jump on the spot then sit on the chair.

Cut out a long, thin strip of card.
Stick the ends of the card together with some glue.
Decorate! Use stickers, colours and poms poms.
Give to a friend.

Sentence types - commands 2

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What command could you use for the following pictures?