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St Mary's CofE Primary School

Week 2 - WC 27/04/2020

Simple subtraction

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Now we have warmed up with our pictorial representation for addition, can you try subtraction problems now? Activity packs are on Education City to complete when you have warmed up. Good luck!

Sequencing - Days of the Week

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Have a go at the ordering questions about the days of the week, using the language "before", "inbetween" and "after".
This will lead onto sequencing tasks on numbers next week.
  1. What day is after Sunday?
  2. What day is after Tuesday?
  3. What day is after Thursday?
  4. What day is before Wednesday?
  5. What day is before Thursday?
  6. What day is between Wednesday and Monday?
  7. What day is between Thursday and Saturday?
  8. Where is Tuesday?
  9. Which day is three days after Sunday?