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Week 2 - WC 01.03.2021


Commas in a list

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A comma represents the word "and". In this task, write descriptive sentences using the characters below. You will need to choose a noun to describe and find three words to describe it. Then, put these words in your sentence using one comma and one and. e.g
Spiderman's suit is red, blue and shiny.

What is a conjunction-RECAP



In Year 1, we focus on four types of conjunctions.  These are the SABO conjunctions:


So            And          But          Or


We have done lots of work using the word and as a conjunction.  Let's have a go at the other three.



Using but as a conjunction

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Choose the right conjunction to fill the gap.  You can choose either and or but.


1) I will have an apple ________ a drink of water.


2) It rained ________  Zoha played out anyway.


3) Jack's hair is brown ______ he always smiles.


4) My dad gave me a bear ________ I wanted a football instead.


4) Zachary dropped the plate ________ it did not smash.


5) I played in the park with George ________ we went on the slide.


6) Lewis loves playing football ________ he doesn't like skipping.


7) Erin tried the cake _________ it was too sweet.


8)  Minnie and Phoebe chased each other ___________ they had lots of fun.


How to use the conjunction so

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So is another of our conjunctions (joining words) in Year 1. Using the You Choose picture below, which type of transport would you choose and why? E.g. I would get a race car so I drive really fast.



Using the conjunction or

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Picture prompt of the week!

What is happening in this picture? What might happen next?

Can you try different sentences using all of your conjunctions?