St Mary's CofE Primary School - 'Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind...Love your neighbour as yourself.' Matthew 22 v37-40

St Mary's CofE Primary School

Week 2

Worship this week looks great fun! 

For this week's, look at the link on the Worship part of our website. then do the activities on the sheet.

The snowflakes design looks good. I used to love cutting out snowflakes. Don't forget to write down all the things people and things that bring you joy on your snowflake. Why not make one for each member of your family and your friends thanking the and telling them how they bring oy to your life. 

 If it does snow and if you have a magnifying glass, take it outside and look at the snow flakes under the magnifying glass. Each one is unique and you won't find two the same. It's one of the amazing facts of nature. If it doesnt, then use a search engine ( Google?) to look at snowflakes. There are some amazing images on there. 

For the den, you could use a sheet and make a small tent and put cusions or your pillow inside. Rory and Annabel made one each this week from a clothes horse and blankets and put lots of blankets and cushions inside. They looked so snuggly and cosy! Ask your parents though first before you drag out all the blankets and sheets all over the house! Afterwards have a go at the other 2 activites as well.