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St Mary's CofE Primary School

Week 2 - WC 27/04/2020


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Nouns are people, places and things. Can you identify nouns from a group of words and then write your own sentences using nous too?

Which words are nouns?

Have a go at these problems. Can you find the nouns in the sentences and then write your own?

What are noun phrases?

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Can you find the noun phrases in these sentences? Clue- a noun phrase contains an adjective (describing word) and a noun (thing) e.g. blue butterfly. Have a go and then try the tasks on Education City.

Can you find the noun phrase in each sentence?


  • The sun was shining on the green grass.


  • The little girl was crying on the step.


  • Deep in the jungle lived a hairy ape.


  • On Tuesday, the clever teacher sat in his chair.


  • Under the bridge lived a stinky troll who liked to eat beans.


  • As the red bus stopped, the lady got off and said thank you.


  • Last week, a tiger with sharp teeth went to the dentist.


  • Mr Hoyle always wears colourful socks to make Year 1 smile.