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St Mary's CofE Primary School

Week 1

Week 1


What is it?

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Can you write sentences describing a present Father Christmas brought you? What do you think my present was? Using your whiteboard, write sentences that have capital letters, full stops and adjectives to describe.

Mr Hoyle got a....

Find the adjectives

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Find the adjectives


Can you find the describing words (wow! words) in the sentences below?


1)  The brown dog was sleeping.

2) A tiny mouse ran on the grass.

3) There were three white rabbits under the  tall tree.

4) Slowly, the big, green dragon opened his eyes.

5) Oscar dropped his red apple after he ate his huge dinner.

6) Noah kicked the yellow ball into the small net.

7) Minnie skipped in the big playground and she sat on the green train.

8) Erin had a blue bow in her brown hair.  Her hair was very long.


Noun search!

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Can you find a noun for every letter of the alphabet? Try and describe your noun too- a green plant, a white cup and big chair etc. Good luck!

Alphabet challenge!


After our session, I tried to make an alphabet using proper nouns too.  Can you try and make a list of proper nouns for every letter of the alphabet?  I used a mix of cartoon characters and superheroes!  Don't forget- proper nouns need capital letters!