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St Mary's CofE Primary School

Week 1-WC 22.02.2021


Recap- Character description

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David Bowie Little People Big Dreams l Little People Big Dreams "David Bowie" l Stories Read Aloud


RECAP Character description video 1

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There are two videos in the session. Choose a picture below and try to write a character description using the nouns you can see.

Character description Video 2

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What is a suffix? -er and -est

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This video is about adding a suffix to a root word. Have a go at identifying the different types of suffix in the sentences- write them on your whiteboard and put a circle around the suffix. Careful- it might be -er, -est, -ing or -ed!



Write out the sentence and put a circle around the suffix that has been used.


1) The snail is slower than the fox.

2) This bike is much faster than yours.

3) I have the greatest pet in the world!

4) We love playing on the swings.  We go higher than the moon.

5) The wind was stronger last night but the clouds were the darkest ever.

6) Bob was smaller than his brother but taller than his cat.

7) Lions are fast but cheetahs are faster.  They are the fastest.

8)  One day, a tall giant yawned then he fell over.  It made the loudest noise in the world.


Suffix activity - Page 36 and Page 37

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Your activity is in your white Literacy SPaG book.
Picture prompt of the week!

What is happening in this picture?