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St Mary's CofE Primary School

Thursday 01.07.21

We are going to continue our topic of riddles. I have written a riddle about one of the children in our class. Can you guess who it is about? 

Can you find the following features in the riddle:

-SABO ( so, and, but, or) / WITBUS ( when, if, that, because, until, since) 

- An exclamation sentence 

- A question

- A simile

- A list sentence

- Noun phrases 

- Different sentence starts

Yesterday in class we looked at starting each clue in our riddle in a different way. Today's lesson is going to be using SABO and WITBUS in our riddles. I want you to write a riddle about your favourite cartoon character. Try to extend each clue using a conjunction. If you could also include as many of the writing features above in your riddle, that would be fantastic. Write between 5-8 clues, start each new clue on a new line and don't forget to finish with Who am I? There is an example below. Please send me pictures of your riddles ( on dojo)  and I will post them on tomorrow's literacy page for your class mates to enjoy.