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Good morning Year 3,


How did you go on with your fractions yesterday? Today we are going to look at equivalent fractions. This is when for example 1/2 is the same as 2/4. Watch the video with your CGP book  in front of you as we will do the page together. Remember you can pause the video to have a go and then start it again. Then try the work underneath filling in the fraction wall first. After that either print off or copy out the cards for the equivalent fraction game. There are several games you could play. i can think of snap, pairs or triples. Maybe even rummy trying to get fraction families. Why not play with your family and see what games you can come up with. 


If anyone is struggling with fractions, I have put a couple of sheets on based on finding 1/4 of a collection. These are photo's I'm afraid as I couldn't scan them in but I am sure you can work from them. 


Still image for this video