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St Mary's CofE Primary School

Jack and the giants

Creating our class story

Year 1 decided to use three books to create our own story. We used Jack and the beanstalk, Greta and the giants and Noah's Ark.


We had writing sessions to create our story as you can see in the picture below.   The words below each story picture are those of the children in the class and we are very proud of their efforts!  Well done Year 1!

Jack and the giants by Year 1

Once upon a time, a boy called Jack lived in a beautiful forest.

In the forest there was a colourful rainbow, pretty birds, furry rabbits and pink and yellow flowers.

The world was perfect.

Suddenly, giants in a cloud came down a green beanstalk and they started to chop down the brown trees with black axes.

The giants polluted the Earth.  There was smoke from the houses, they chopped down all the trees and set fire to the forest!

God was angry! He wanted to flood the Earth to teach the giants a lesson.   He told Jack to make a big boat out of wood.

Jack thought "hmm, why don't I make it out of...plastic!"

He made his big boat out of recycled plastic to keep everyone safe and not cut any more trees down.

God was about to flood the Earth but Jack asked God  if he could teach the giants a lesson instead.

Jack saved the Earth and made the giants listen!

God was happy.


The giants listened to Jack and helped to make World perfect again.

The end.