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Hello. As you will see I am having a bad hairday! I need a haircut. How many of you need a hair cut? :-) 

Volcanoes! Todays work that I am setting is to be done over 2 days as it's quite chunky. There is the usual video from myself and then there is a powerpoint for you to look at. There are also some information sheet and a booklet underneath.  Today, look at the video and the PP. If you can print of the fact sheet, you can use the pictures in it. If not try to draw the picture for each volcano.  You will learn about the Ring of Fire and I want you to research and find out the names of the countries on the Ring of Fire. You will really be practising using those capital letters for proper nouns here Year 3 as well as good sentence construction in present tense mostly. If you cannot print off the booklet, make one from 4 pieces of paper.  Draw a picture on the title page  and write The Ring Of Fire on it if you can't print. 

Now if you have the map, label the countries or make a list of them on one page. Then name some of the major volcaoes on the Ring of Fire.


After that either use the pictures on the fact sheet or draw them yourself and write up some facts about 2 of the volcanoes onto one page. You can use the fact sheet  or you can find your own information and choose different volcanoes. 


Tomorrow we will write up about 6 more volcanoes. I hope you enjoy it. 


Still image for this video