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For DT this week, I would like you to make an iceberg city. I have added a video but the camera  missed the beginning part Sorry. Also I didn't leave mine inthe freezer long enough so that tells me that you need to leave it in the freezer overnight. Use this link to see a video of it being done.

What you need

Plastic bags or balloons. 


Jug to hold them in


 Card ( Cereal box?)


Food colourings



1. Fill a bag ( or more) with water.  You can use balloons as well. 

2. Put them in the freeze overnight until they are solid. 

3. While they are freezing, out of junk modelling material, make some people, polar bears or what     ever else you would like to have in your ice city and place onto your tray. 

4. When you water has frozen, caregully take it out of the bag, or burst the balloon, and place it on your tray. If you make more than one, place them all on.

5, Now pour some salt in little piles on top. watch what happens to the ice. as soon as it  has made a little hole, put on a few drops of food colouring. 


I hope you enjoy this. 




Still image for this video