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helpful hints for learning at home

Thank you for your continued support throughout a very challenging and rapidly developing situation.

Following the decision to close school settings for the large majority of children last week, you will now have seen the Government’s latest guidance, informing the country that people in Britain will only be allowed to leave home for very limited purposes in order to slow the spread of COVID-19. This decision has been taken by the Government to save lives.

Please ensure that you and your family remain safe by following the latest guidance. The restrictions say people should only leave home for one of four reasons:

· Shopping for basic necessities such as food and medicine. Shopping trips should be as infrequent as possible

· One form of exercise a day such as a run, walk, or cycle. This should be done alone or only with people you live with

· Any medical need, or to provide care or to help a vulnerable person.

· Travelling to and from work, but only where work absolutely cannot be done from home

Even when following the above guidance, people should minimise the amount of time spent out of their homes and should keep two metres away from people they do not live with.

The school remains open for a small group of children whose parents meet the government guidelines.  The school is working with an extremely limited number of staff members.

Unprecedented risks call for unprecedented measures. This is a very difficult time for us all and as a Christian family this is the most challenging situation we have had to face.

As always, the safety of our St Mary’s family is our absolute priority.


St. Mary's C.E. will be following the government's advice and the school will close on Friday 20th March at 3:15pm until further notice. The children will be given a pack for the next two weeks containing worksheets, computer logins and reading books. 

Further information will be given on Thursday afternoon when we have more details from the government and have discussed the plans. Please continue to check the website and emails.

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What's the difference between a cold, flu and corona virus? This table of symptoms may help you 1