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 For your art today, you will need a cereal box, some paper and glue or sellotape and eithercrayons, paints or felt tips. 


 The  photo's below will help you hopefully and there is a youtube video as well. Open up the cereal box and cut of the ends. Then on the inside paint (or draw)  a volcano. Over this week we will learn aboout volcanoes and we will make some booklets to put on top of our picture or on the back of it. I really hope you enjoy this Year 3. 

How to draw a Volcano for kids | Volcano Drawing Lesson Step by Step

How to draw a Volcano for Kids easy and step by step. Draw this cute Volcano by following this drawing lesson. Volcano drawing tutorial. Get The Markers HERE...

Draw your outline. Copy the video if you like. 

Draw your outline

Start to colour it. For the cloud , I used white and a miniscule amount of black but didn't mix it in completley so it came out as different colours. Then every time I needed more paint, I either put in more white or just touched the black with my paint brush. This way I got lots of shades. For the volcano, I used 3 shades of brown and painted on top of each other. Sometimes I just added water and that changed the colour. 
On the next 2 photo's, I have literally put tiny blobs of white, dark blue and black paint the just painted them around with a brush but making sure I didn't mix it to one colour. I also used reds and oranges for the lava and the flames. 
I carried on like this until my picture was ready. When yours is done, let 9tbdry then cover the back with paper. You can stick your work from this week on here if you like or just write your name and call it "The Volcano Project".